Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Singing it Out

In November, 2009, I received a text message from a dear friend who I hadn’t seen in years. She texted to say her mother died of cancer that day. I immediately replied with my condolences, and invited her for lunch when she felt up to it. I was pleasantly surprised when she quickly responded. We quickly renewed our friendship, and went to lunch weekly. Along about that time, I recalled an old gospel hymn that I sang in church as a little girl, “In The Garden”. For some reason this stuck in my head as I couldn’t remember the words, so I downloaded the lyrics. I found great comfort singing the song in my son’s memorial garden in my backyard, however I struggled to remember the words and carried the lyrics with me most of the time.

Unfortunately, my friend lost her father to cancer in December. She told me her parents made their wishes known to the family, and invited me to a memorial gathering to celebrate their lives in the spring.

For months, the lovely hymn stayed in my head, still struggling to remember the words.

The words “Get ready!” also coming frequently with the urge to sing this song. My  friend called to say the family memorial gathering was scheduled in early May. With that this crazy urge in my head grew intense. While driving to the family gathering on a beautiful Saturday, the words “Get ready” was loud, frequent and clear. Of course, it didn’t occur to me to take the lyrics with me. A huge gathering, complete with gospel singers and their musical instruments, children and dogs playing games in the yard, a table loaded with food to feed an army, the party had started.

Later in the day I approached an elderly man who played the banjo, and asked if he knew the song. He stated he didn’t remember the words, had the lyrics and could play the tune. I told him I felt we were supposed to sing that song for some reason. Next thing I knew, I was standing at the microphone and the music was playing. I took a deep breathe, and started to sing. Except it wasn’t me singing.

The voice was higher, and I tried to bring down the pitch, but couldn’t. At that moment I felt like a goldfish in a glass bowl watching as the crowd started singing along and crying. That song lasted an eternity. Shaking like a leaf, I ran into the house and found a quiet corner alone, trying to figure out what had just happened. A sweet little lady with tears in her eyes, tapped me on the shoulder. She gave me a kiss on my cheek and thanked me. She said to me, “You had no way of knowing, but that was Nancy’s favorite song.” Needless to say, Nancy sang her favorite hymn to her family whom she dearly loved. I’ll remember that day for the rest of my life, and I promise Nancy I’ll be “ready” the next time she wants to sing.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Top Hat Ghost

Check this out:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spirit Guides

I'm Native American, I believe I'm from the band of Cherokee that inhabits the mountains of Western North Carolina (I've not officially traced my heritage but my birth father's Grandmother was Native American and he had the distinct features). I've always felt a strong connection to nature, animals and especially hawks. In April 2001 my Grandfather was dying of prostrate cancer and had requested to pass at my parents home. It was a Friday morning and I had just stepped out my back door to take my son out to swing in the yard. I had not been swinging him long when I saw a hawk flying straight instead of the usual gliding, circle type motion I've become used to and mesmerized by the beautiful motion of just gliding on the wind and being free. Only a few moments passed and I saw another hawk flying in exactly the same manner. This was just so unusual, so I stepped out from under the tree I was under and walked out to the middle of the yard to look up toward my parents house. When I looked back I saw at least 5-10 hawks circling in the sky high above their house. This puzzled me, so I watched for a minute or so then stepped back to continue pushing the swing which had stopped. It wasn't but a couple of minutes later when my mom called and told me that my Grandfather had passed away. That day the hawks were taking my Grandfather's Spirit to be with his ancestors. I feel that my Spirit Guide is a hawk and whenever I see one I know that I'm following the path I'm suppose to be on.... I try to always look for my signs!

Submitted by:  RH

Monday, May 10, 2010


...my dog would growl menacingly at unseen things as if to protect me until I prayed for help... I haven't seen orbs since they frightened me in 2004--[i goofed the year when I typed this yesterday] but I still get tiny specks of gold dust now and then for symbolic messages and encouragement...

Most orbs I've seen in photos are small and either green or blue, but the ones I saw in 2004 were 5 huge golden dancing ovals, arranged with 3 over 2. I figure they are angels who were excited about something, but back then I was recovering from a recent car crash, so I thought I was hallucinating! LoL!!!
Submitted by:  WW

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Strange Blue Mountain Light In The Santa Ana Mountans

I had been hiking in the Santa Ana Mountains in Orange County, California all day long. I had hiked up from Silverado Canyon on the Silverado Truck Trail, up to the Main Divide Truck Trail, all the way to Pleasants Peak, the second highest peak in Orange County. The hike had taken all day. It was 11 miles up to the peak and then 11 miles back to the trail head. Thus, it was getting late into the evening when I reached the upper side of Silverado Canyon for the descent down along the trail to the canyon bottom and the trail head. It was late at night and very dark, but I could see the trail clearly in the sparse chaparral and starlight. I had descended just under the canyon rim when I saw it. On the other side of the canyon opposite me there was a glowing blue orb of light. This was perhaps a 1000 feet away, directly across from me, on the other side of the canyon. The orb glowed a brilliant bright blue. It flickered on and off, like a flame of fire slightly moving in a light breeze. It was round like a ball. It did not seem to move as it just hovered there flickering. The canyon was very dark and was miles away from the city lights and this caused the blue light to shine even more brillantly again the dark background of the canyon side. At first, I thought it was someone lighting up a joint across the way on a trail opposite me. I knew there was an old trail that lead up to an old mine on that side of the canyon, the Blue Light mine, if I recall correctly. No joke, the Blue Light Mine. I wonder why they named it that? But the light was blue, and far bigger than a simple cigarette lighter flame. Anyway, I took out my flash light and flashed the light at the blue orb. However, this did not seem to have any affect, nor did I receive any type of response. I watched the light for a while longer until is finally faded out and did not come back. So I continued on down the trail to the trail head (still about 3 miles away) and my car. To this day, I do not know what that light was. But I wonder if the original namers of the Blue Light Mine had encountered it, as the name they picked for the mine seems to reflect a similar encounter. I don't know, but it seems plausible. So, a strange blue orb floated across silverade canyon from me, opposite of the Silverado Truck Trail. I wish I had had binoculars.  This happened in 1995

Submitted by:  TC

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quit Laughing

Why do you think weird things happen to some people all the time & never happen to others at all?

Is it because some people are looking for attention or is it that some people pay closer attention to their environment?

Why does the night time seem to be when most of this kind of thing happen?

Does the recent popularity of ghost hunting programs on tv mean there is a growing public curiosity or could it just be ennui with television.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I See Things

I see things.  I have a hard time describing them & often think I'm crazy, but if I am then so are my dogs, because evidently they see the same things.

Sometimes it will be a shadow I gradually become aware of, sometimes it will be a movement out of the corner of my eye.  This stuff only happens when I'm alone in my house.  There is never sound associated with it, only movement.  I had my eyes checked when it started happening more & it's not my eyes.

I noticed last week that both my dogs were watching something.  It was a shadow that was darting around.  I was reading the paper in my chair & hadn't noticed it till I heard them growling.  They didn't try to attack--just growled a bit.  At first I thought they were playing & just didn't pay any attention.  When I finally realized that something was up I saw the shadow, saw the dogs, & then saw the shadow "leap" (the only way I can think of to describe it) off the floor & disappear. 

No, I wasn't drinking or doing drugs & I don't think I'm an over-dramatic person either.  I'm just a guy who is seeing things he can't explain.  Anybody out there ever have anything like this happen to them?

Submitted by:  Scott K.